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Free Diagnosis
      At ZeroPain Computers we offer FREE diagnostic services. Unlike some of our competitors we will let you know exactly what is wrong with your computer and give you a free estimate before any work is completed. 

Tablet Charging Port Repair, Tablet DC Jack repair, Tablet Power port repair
      Is your tablet not turing on? Do you have to hold the charging cable at an angle to get your tablet to charge? Are you unable to get the tablet battery to charge? Don't toss it out, bring it to ZeroPain Computers and have us replace the charging port. 

PC Tune-up, Preventative Maintenance. & Optimization Service
Computer isn't running the way it used to? Try our tune up and optimization service we will fix any registry errors remove junk files organize the hard drive, Optimize start up and shutdown, Install updates, Virus Check, Spyware check, Clean Interior Fans and components, Optimize windows system files, Stop memory hogs from using all your memory, Boost your internet speed with a browser optimization, and a complete hardware functionality check to insure no immanent failures. You wouldn't drive your car without getting it tuned up would you? Like a car a computer needs some care every once in a while. Ask us about our bi-monthly tune-up plan.        
Virus and Spyware Removal
      Is your computer running slower than normal? Does it stop responding or freeze up on you? Does it crash or restart on you, programs not working correctly, not let you print, give you unusual error messages or just act weird in general? It may be a virus , trojan, worm or many other forms of a malicious software on your computer. Anti-Virus is very important to protect you and other computers in your household and/or business from being infected and helps stop the spread of viruses to your friends and family through E-mail and other forms of contact 

Operating System Restoration
     Do ever wish your computer worked like it was new again? If so our operating system experts can help you. We will restore your computer  and get it to work better than the day you bought it. We will back up all your data (if you choose) reformat the drive and reinstall any programs you own.

Network Setup, Maintenance, and Repair
     A network enables you to share files, internet connection, pictures, music, movies and just about anything else you have on your computers. So if you have more than one computer this is probably the best route for you.
Hardware Installation, Repair, and Replacement
Do you need to upgrade your video to hdmi, want better sound, having a failing piece of equipment. Our certified computer technicians can get your computer looking better, sounding better or just fix it it general.

Data Transfer
Whether you got a new computer or just need files and or settings transferred between computers, data transfer is the way to go. We can transfer everything from user accounts, internet settings to just files or folders filled with music or pictures.

Software Technical Support
Having trouble figuring out how to use certain software give us a call so that we can help you!

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Accidentally deleted some files or can't find the ones you know you have. Give us a call and our data recovery team will get them back for you.

Data Backup
How often do you backup your data. If your house caught on fire or your computer were stolen or crashed how much data would you lose?

Internet Security and Firewall Optimization
Afraid someone can see your information? With growing concerns over viruses and internet threats your are now at risk more than ever. Make sure you are protected. What could people do with your private data?

New Computer Setup
Got a new computer? Want to make sure it is setup and running right?  Call us and we will remove any worry you have. All new computer setup appointments include file and settings(including E-mail settings) transfer from your old computer and Anti-Virus installation.

Wireless Networking Setup and Maintenance
Have a laptop or a computer in another room? We can get you internet access, file and printer sharing without all the messy wires to trip over. 

Laptop Computer Repair
Here at ZeroPain Computers, laptops are our specialty. We repair all makes and models of desktop and laptop computers with any problem. Is your laptop not charging? We fix all power issues and most done in 24 hours. 

Password Removal
    Lost your password no problem we can remove your password.

And Much Much More
     Something not listed that you need done give us a call!


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